Because not every skin or skin type is the same, PurezzO Clinicals offers a high quality product line especially for everyone who demands high quality skin care products. This scientifically developed line contains skin care products of the highest possible quality for skin care and skin improvement has been specially developed for dermatologists, skin therapists, beauticians, certified Wellness & SPA companies. Our products are formulated by biochemists from the highest quality natural ingredients. The extensive range consists of: products for professional use, products for home care, professional treatments, customized skincare products for specific skin problems, anti-aging, skin care for all skin types, dark skin, high-tech cosmeceuticals, pure mineral makeup and extensive line of peelings for professional use.

High-quality stable cosmeceuticals

PurezzO Clinicals is a leading brand in the field of skin improvement and continues where regular cosmetics stop. Each PurezzO Clinicals product contains on the skin type adjusted concentrations of chiral active ingredients and special ingredients such as glycolic acid, L-Retinol, L-Ascorbic acid, D-Beta Glucosamine, D-Beta Glucan, phyto drugs, minerals, lactic acid, vitamins, peptides, skin firming and moisturizing ingredients for optimal results. PurezzO Clinicals products are composed of purest natural ingredients, have a professional strength adjusted to your skin type and are free of mineral oils, animal tests, 100% paraben free and free from artificial fragrances and dyes. The products are always guaranteed to be delivered fresh by production in small quantities, are eco-friendly packed, without unnecessary packaging materials. The lightweight packs are airtight, so that the quality of the active ingredients is optimally guaranteed, are convenient to use and easy to carry.

Professional treatments

PurezzO Clinicals offers a unique range of natural professional peels and skin-improving and skin care treatments for all skin types, skin problems and anti-aging. You can choose from mild peelings, pleasant SPA peeling treatments with a delicious natural aroma, pleasant to use medium peelings to very intensive clinical peels for intensive skin improvement. There are professional anti-aging treatments, nourishing facial treatments and effective treatments to effectively address skin problems, such as rosacea, youth pimples, acne, pigmentation, skin problems with dark skin, sensitive skin, etc.

Extensive professional peeling line

Because every skin and every skin problem is different, PurezzO Clinicals has an extensive range of different professional peels with a targeted effect for anti-aging & skin improvement.

PurezzO Clinials Peelings:

  • stimulate cell renewal
  • stimulate the production of collagen
  • have an anti-aging effect
  • have a controlled peeling action
  • work intensively nurturing
  • improve the texture & firmness of the skin
  • refine the pores
  • have a positive effect on pigmentation spots
  • remove the dead skin cells
  • do not have down-time
  • give a radiant skin

This pure natural line contains innovative professional peels, cosmeceuticals and cosmetics products with high quality natural cosmeceutical ingredients for proven results.


​Featured products


  • rosacea

    Rosa Solution 30 ml - € 31,15
    Rosa Solution 30 ml - € 31,15

    Intensive soothing and moisturizing solution for sensitive skin and rosacea.

    Skin Types: Sensitive skin, rosacea

    How it works: moisturizing, soothing, reduces redness

    Result: a quiet, well-hydrated skin


  • discoloration

    Discoloration Cream 30 ml - € 30,65
    Discoloration Cream 30 ml - € 30,65

    Hydrating, purifying treatment cream for pigmentation and sun spots with impurities. Six weeks apply daily, after three to four times per week.

    Skin types: pigment spots, moles with impurities, age spots (face and hands)

    How to…

  • New: SPA Cream!

    Spa Cacao Cream 30 ml - € 45,50
    Spa Cacao Cream 30 ml - € 45,50

    This beneficial, rich cream with a pleasant, irresistible natural aroma includes cocoa, vitamin E, orange extract and coconut. The cream provides intensive care & hydration and makes your skin silky smooth. Suitable for all skin…

  • radiant skin

    Daily Scrub 30 ml - € 21,20
    Daily Scrub 30 ml - € 21,20

    Soft, pleasant scrub with rosemary and rose extract for a radiant skin. This wonderfully fresh, gentle scrub is suitable for all skin types and can be used as desired.

    Skin Types: all skin types, anti-aging

    How it works: removes…

  • anti-aging

    Glycolic Cream 30 ml - € 26,10
    Glycolic Cream 30 ml - € 26,10

    Mild exfoliating, intensive care fruit acid treatment cream with a powerful anti-aging effect for face, décolleté and body. Refines the pores. This pleasant, fresh cream with a delicious natural flavor is rich in antioxidants…

  • tinted sunshade

    Natural Sunshade -tinted - € 20,85
    Natural Sunshade -tinted - € 20,85

    Nourishing & moisturizing tinted anti-aging cream with natural UV- protection for all skin types. The cream gives your skin a radiant complexion, provides intensive care and hydration and makes your skin silky and soft. The tint…

  • moisturizing

    Daily Toner 30 ml - € 20,65
    Daily Toner 30 ml - € 20,65

    Intensive moisturizing and skin-improving anti-aging lotion spray for all skin types. This wonderfully fresh oil-free lotion spray can also be used as an aftershave.

    Skintypes: all skin types, anti-aging

    How it works:…

  • revitalizing

    Revitalizing Cleanser 30 ml - € 19,95
    Revitalizing Cleanser 30 ml - € 19,95

    This refreshing and revitalizing cleansinggel for daily use works effective against skin aging and pigmentation. For all skin types, except sensitive skin. This cooling and caring cleansing gel improves the skin condition of the…

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